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The New Era of 5G Technology

Mar 31, 2022 | Future Lab, Shifting Paradigms

This Monday, March 28th, we had the honor of welcoming Mr. George Onopas to our campus for a brief presentation regarding 5G technology and its reshaping effects on society within the near future.

Currently, the majority of mobile traffic goes through 4G. However, in recent years mobile traffic has highly increased resulting in the need for more sufficient bandwidth. OTE has a 3-5 year goal of implementing 5G technology within Greece and providing the majority of the population with these technologies. 5G will offer stronger signals, better connectivity, better security (due to better encryption), and fewer EMF issues because it requires less electricity. All in all, better results with less power usage.

Small cell implementation has been used within the city of Drama as well as the University of Athens campuses for testing these new 5G technologies.

The full implementation of 5G use within our cities and throughout our populations is predicted to result in many societal changes. These societal changes include the evolution of smart cities, smart environments, smart industries, and the like. Changes will be seen at the public level, industry level as well as personal level. Nationwide led lighting, trash bins that light up when full, and wearables for monitoring children are just a few of the examples of changes that will be noticed.

5G is believed to become a revolutionary enabler.

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