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Young Architects (ARKKI)

Arkki is a pioneering institution that has been at the forefront of imparting architectural and design education to children and youth since its inception in Finland in 1993. Presently, it extends its offerings through strategic partnerships, empowering professionals with specialized expertise. Through close collaboration with AKTO a creative and multidisciplinary curriculum is offered to our students of all Elementary ages to engage in hands-on, real-world projects, nurturing their problem-solving skills, creativity, and a holistic understanding of the built environment. Arkki’s global reach promotes inclusivity, inspires future architects and designers, and fosters sustainability consciousness, ultimately preparing students with valuable life skills beyond traditional academics.

Students gain:

  • Creativity and imagination nurtured through hands-on projects;
  • A multidisciplinary understanding of architecture, design, engineering, and art;
  • Problem-solving skills applicable to real-world challenges;
  • Equal access and inclusivity in creative education;
  • Inspiration and motivation for careers in design and architecture;
  • Critical thinking, teamwork, and communication abilities;
  • A commitment to sustainable and thoughtful design solutions.
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