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Media Arts

The Institute of ACS Athens places great importance on Media Arts as the study of human communication through film, photography, video, audio, digital, and interactive media. Creatively, our students employ the elements of space, time, light, motion, color, and sound to express their perspectives, feelings, and ideas. Critically, they learn to interpret and evaluate media within aesthetic, cultural, and historical contexts to become more enlightened consumers and effective citizens.

Art and life are dependent upon each other and interconnected.

The act of creation is an essential part of thinking, and there are alternative approaches to creating, even within the realm of Media Arts. Today, we are noticing an obvious global trend that is moving further away from print and closer to imagery alone. This shift is deeply affecting how we see our world, how we think about it, and how we solve problems. As the media have come to occupy a central place in our lives, we need to provide young people with the creative and critical skills to function as effective communicators, critical consumers, and active citizens.

We actively encourage our students to join our Media Arts programs and to get acquainted with our Media Studio, which is equipped with the latest digital tools in order to learn a range of emerging media technologies and to broaden appreciation and awareness of the discipline. Our students are directly involved in the production of our Knowledge Series, which is our digital career bank and can be explored throughout our site.

If you’re interested to learn more about this program, please contact us.


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