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Are You Undecided with a lot of Interests?

Irene Hayes has created success advising leading organizations around the world. However, she did not follow one path, she followed her passion to be curious, to learn, and her determination to be independent.

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Irene Hayes

Irene Hayes has worked and taught in financial accounting, marketing management, business communications, and organizational structure in both private companies and universities.

In academics, she reached the level of asst Dean for a university residence center. She taught at both Greek and foreign universities undergraduate and graduate courses.

In the private sector, she has been the assistant and advisor to General Managers and CEOs of multinational companies, from headhunters to political organizations, to fragrances, to newspapers, to department and grocery stores, as well as, to financial investment firms. Within her responsibilities, she has settled mediations and acquired financial backing on behalf of clients.

Irene has also enjoyed being an entrepreneur, as a co-owner in Vera Wang’s Bridal Boutique in Athens.

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