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Social Work | Thomas Miller

An Ongoing Need for Diplomacy

Thomas Miller began his career in the State Department to make ends meet; however, it became a successful life career path that instilled great opportunities around the world for him. Thomas shares his story with the skills to succeed in international relations.

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Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller currently splits his time chairing a non-profit and a for-profit board. The non-profit organization is the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) – an international organization that works around the world on the issue of those who go missing from wars, genocide, natural disasters, and trafficking. He also chairs the for-profit board of Intralot, Inc. – the second largest lottery company in the United States that runs lotteries in 11 states and the District of Columbia, as well as, a key player in the expanding sports betting market in the United States. Thomas (also known as “Tom”) also serves on the board of Partnership for a Secure America – a non-governmental-organization that promotes bipartisanship in the US Congress; and Lampsa – a company that owns luxury hotels in Greece and Serbia. He is an active participant and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, American Academy of Diplomacy, and Washington International Affairs Association.

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