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Achieving Success in the Realtor Business

Carlyn Goudas discusses her dynamic professional career, transitioning from her studies in criminology and psychology to becoming a successful licensed realtor based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her early experience working with young victims of crime in London helped her develop her communication skills and ability to connect with diverse individuals. Carlyn's passion for building personal relationships and understanding her clients' needs sets her apart in the real estate industry. She believes that the industry will continuously evolve alongside technological advancements. Carlyn's impressive accomplishments, including recognition as one of Cleveland's leading ladies of real estate and being featured on the cover of Cleveland Real Producers Magazine, showcase her dedication and success in the field.

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Carlyn Goudas

Carlyn Goudas, born in Cleveland, Ohio, currently resides in Hudson, Ohio. She’s a mom of five boys and is married. She’s a full-time realtor and is the owner and CEO of The Goudas Group. At the age of 14, Carlyn moved to Athens, Greece, where she went to school and lived until she graduated from high school at ACS Athens. Carlyn studied criminology and psychology in London and graduated with honors. Carlyn is passionate about being able to help people and provide insight and expertise on the process of home buying and selling. Aside from selling real estate, Carlyn loves spending time with her family and raising her five boys. She absolutely loves traveling and frequents Greece as often as possible. She’s also a licensed yoga instructor and used to teach yoga for over ten years.

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