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HS: Human Rights – The Foundations (ages 14 – 18)


For: High School Students (Age: 14-18)

The chapter will lay down the most important notions on Human Rights. Students will study and appreciate how Human Rights impact different facets of their lives: the private and the public. The instructor will choose two important and modern worldwide issues and analyse them from a Human Rights perspective to offer students an alternative vision of a topic they heard/read about (i.e., the death of George Floyd, gender equality, Xinjiang internment camps, etc.).

Why take the course?

  • gain knowledge on your own human rights
  • understand the support system to defend your rights
  • distinguish between violator and victim
  • advance insights in social debates
  • seek and offer help when needed

Course Type: Online course

Instructor: Gaia Barcilon

Start Date: Saturday, November 5th
End Date: Monday, November 7th

Meeting Days/Time:

  • Nov. 5 (9-11am), 6 (9-11am), 7 (6-8pm) *

Deadline to Register: Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Next cohorts:

  • Jan. 28 (9-11am), 29 (9-11am), 30 (6-8pm) *
  • Mar. 4 (9-11am), 5 (9-11am), 6 (6-8pm) *

* Time indicated is based on Athens, Greece time zone.



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