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Annual Bright Start International Conference

The Annual Bright Start International Conference will be held on December 9th – 11th 2022, with the in-person conference to be held at ACS Athens aiming at building a collaborative partnership to improve the developmental trajectory of all children from birth to age five. Leading international experts in the field will provide state-of-the-art training on how best to nurture the hearts and minds of today’s young children.
The President of ACS Athens and the Institute of ACS Athens, Dr. Peggy Pelonis, will Co-Chair the Annual Bright Start International Conference. In addition, the Institute of ACS Athens will participate in the Initiative’s Advisory Council.

The program will include the below topics of discussion but for further detailed information regarding the event program, hours, and guest speakers please click here.

  • The Surprising Importance of Early Math
  • Playing with Code: Big Ideas for Early Learners
  • Music Play is Learning Play! Promote Readiness, Literacy, and Math Development Through Joyous Active Play!
  • Considerations and Practical Strategies for Supporting Children with Autism
  • Can I Go And Play Now? A window to play
  • Understanding and enhancing children’s thinking: Taking a ‘working theories’ approach
  • Bullying in the Early Years & the Role of Early Childhood Educators
  • Inspired by art: Designing and constructing quality arts learning experiences for toddlers and children with special needs
  • Art & Wonder: Young Children and Contemporary Art Research Project. The philosophy and values of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MCA) Creative Learning Manifesto
  • Primitive reflexes – could they explain the immaturities some children experience?
  • Language development in the early years. Exploring the power of stories and photographs
  • Self-regulation in the Early Years
  • Behavior matters… and why this is not all we need to focus on!
  • Early motor skills – lost forever or mistakenly overlooked?
  • Learn the World with Earth Cubs! Gaming that saves the planet!
  • Self-regulation and emotionally friendly spaces in the early years – supporting behavior and wellbeing in young children
  • Leading Change: What does a new role for the teacher mean? What does the Swedish example teach us?
  • Technology Empowering Inclusion
  • Learning Stations that Work!
  • Learning Trajectories for Teachers and Professional Developers: The Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories Tool
  • Fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Becoming confident with drawing and mark-making: the magic of ink and water
  • PLAY together! Children love stories, and they love to play
  • Early Childhood Utopia – Let’s Build the Perfect Classroom
  • What is the optimal age for school entry?
  • Removing barriers to learning and development for children with autism
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Autism in very young children: Sensory and affective reciprocity in child and caregiver interactions – Implications for assessment and support
  • Designing Early Learning Environments to Identify and Develop Gifted Potential
  • Listen to Me: Children’s Views on Children’s Rights in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Literacy in the Early Years for Children with Autism
  • Music Play for ALL Young Children!
  • Online Parent Training in Early Behavioral Intervention (OPT-in-Early)
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