Developing 21st Century Being

The Institute of ACS Athens aims to enhance the power of K-12 international education and advance learning through innovation and creativity by providing its members with the latest resources and programs that will transform mindsets to contribute to the manifestation of happiness, to empower children’s wisdom, and to teach children to turn their knowledge into skills.


Inspired by the Academy of Plato, the Academies aim to promote standards in each of their respective domains where dedicated scholars, experts, and students will discuss, teach, and research about the nature of these topics.

Prominent philosophies of Ancient Greece were created about free will, ethics, and the meaning of a purposeful life. As the fundamental discussions emerge for the 21st-century being, we are brought back to the very initial discussions of the Ancient Greeks, as innovation and creativity become a central focus.

Born in the birthplace of civilization and democracy, the Academies aim to enlighten these discussions from their ancestors and join global forces to empower its members around the world.


The Institute of ACS Athens joins forces with experts in different fields in an effort to provide an array of masterclasses within our programs in each of our five academies. Whether online, face to face, or hybrid, these masterclasses are made for interested members of our community, including students, parents, faculty, and staff, as well as the public.

Our endeavor is to provide condensed specialized knowledge that complements our different curiosities. Our masterclasses provide the opportunity to gain cutting-edge information and exclusive content from renowned practitioners through an immersive and interactive learning experience.

We invite you to explore and navigate through our different masterclasses as we continue to grow with a broader variety of personal development options for our community members and the public.

ACS Athens Virtual

ACS Athens Virtual offers online synchronous and asynchronous meaningful, and challenging high school courses that embrace the American educational philosophy but are also holistically aligned with the school’s mission of encouraging responsible global citizenship.

The timeless and contemporary field of architecture

The role of Genetics in the development of medical science

The Talent in Reaching People’s Gifts

Creating a Success Story in Hollywood

An Ongoing Need for Diplomacy

Careers Worth


Conscious Citizenship

An innovative program for all K12 students to expand their 21st-century skills in a world where AI exists.

Artificial Intelligence

Designed for K12 institutions to enhance the students’ understanding of AI from Kindergarten to graduation.

Learning Empowerment

A unique program equipping lifelong learners with the skill sets to identify and achieve their personalized toolkit to “learn how to learn.”

Future School Lab

Welcome to the Future School Lab program where students are exploring to understand how schools can provide the right end to empower future learning and new knowledge.

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