Developing 21st Century Being

The Institute of ACS Athens aims to become a global hub to advance the power of K-12 international education as a means for a positive impact in the world. We spark learning through research and innovation by creating tools and programs to prepare individuals to thrive in a transforming world.


ACS Athens Open

Where students identify cutting-edge solutions on campus that will push the boundaries of sustainability, enhance the learning experience, and promote conscious citizenship.

Innovation Lab

More than just a lab, its a movement designed to support our students who are passionate about making a difference.

Life Skills

A unique program equipping lifelong learners with life skills to identify and achieve their personalised learning toolkit.

Conscious Citizenship

A framework to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Conscious Citizenship (AICC) throughout our schoolwide curriculum to empower ACS Athens students to increase their human intelligence, creativity and interconnectedness.

R&D Centers

Inspired by the Academy of Plato, The Institute R&D Centers are where students and experts come together to discuss, teach, and research ideas specific to the five focus areas – leadership, the future, scholarship, wellbeing, and the living arts.

Just as Ancient Greek philosophy addressed free will, ethics, and the meaning of a purposeful life, the questions posed within the R&D Centers empower the discussions about what it means to be a conscious global citizen of the 21st century – both philosophically and practically.

The timeless and contemporary field of architecture

The role of Genetics in the development of medical science

The Talent in Reaching People’s Gifts

Creating a Success Story in Hollywood

An Ongoing Need for Diplomacy

Careers Worth

ACS Athens Virtual

ACS Athens Virtual offers online synchronous and asynchronous meaningful, and challenging high school courses that embrace the American educational philosophy but are also holistically aligned with the school’s mission of encouraging responsible global citizenship.

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